Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Small Work Finished

Been lazy to update my blog.
During that blank period, I was spending most of my time in my studio for painting, in my room for reconstructing my website, and in a gym in my neighbor for playing badminton.

Untitled, oil on painting, 13" x13"
A Small painting is finished. I derived the image from light reflections in trees.
By outfocusing the actual image of trees, I try to depict things existing between the object (trees, in this case) and me.
a week before completion

first day of painting (a month ago)
  I used gesso for the first time, since I usually apply foundation white for underpaintig. Although it seems to absorb more oil from overlayers, gesso makes me easier to even the grains of canvas.
Painting is always repetitive play and experiment for me. I had never satisfied 100% with my any work. Maybe I should say, the very next day after I felt pretty positive about a work and completed with signing, I start to feel something is still missing. Will someday be coming  in the future that my satisfaction will continue for long?
Anyway, it is so nice to play badminton for refreshing.

This work can be viewed at my show in Tokyo in Oct. (To be announced soon.)


Friday, August 5, 2011


Here is my palette of one day and finished work.

burnt umber, black, white, verditer blue, cadmium green pale, rose madder, burnt shienna, olive green, aureolin, rose violet, etc

Chrysanthemum 3,
oil on painting, 46cmx53cm (18"x 21")

I like neutral colors. In most cases, I add some gray or umber to any paints from tube. My color tastes are very much influenced by the climate of Japan; very moderate and humid. For example, sky is not really "blue", it is more like verditer blue, a bit grayish and whitish than cerulean blue. White flowers are either inclined toward yellow or gray. Soft sunlight here enables me to see variations of colors and that might be the reason that I like to play with colors.