Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Canvases On Easel

Finishing three shows in a row in Osaka, I came back to my studio and started to prepare for new paintings for another one person show in Oct.

This is the first stage of the painting, in which I hope to depict early summer sunlight.
Painting in monochrome is like making a map to get clues for light values.  

Another chrysanthemum painting. I already have a blueprint of the finished work, but it usually does not end up as I see in my mind.

It is very hot and humid in Japan in this time of the year, as usual.
In addition, Japanese government is appealing for people to save electricity throughout the nation since we may be running out of power in midsummer this year due to the series of accidents of nuclear power plant in Fukushima, which has not been blown over yet.
Therefore, as many Japanese do, no wonder that I volunteer to refrain from using air conditioner in my studio and at home as long as I can.    
In order to develop my physical strength not to suffer heat stroke, I went to badminton practice this morning and played for 2 and a half hours, then ended up with awful muscle aches here and there.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fearless artist

I wonder if there is any artist who does not feel fear when painting or sculpting.
Art making forces artists to face him/herself. Artists show the way how they see the life and the world through their works. It is not easy task not only in technically, but mentally.
I think it is impossible that whole process until a painting is finished is full of joy.  Same as in life, some ( I will say, most, in my case ) part of creating process is continuity of challenging, regretting, or depressing. 
Nevertheless, in front of work in process, artist have to find the way to get through, make it work.
Nothing in art making process can be done automatically; Artist are required to think, choose and execute. I think it is the best as much as worst part of art making.

In Japanese, there is a quote to be successful, "Un, Don, Kon".
Un means luck, Don means obtuseness, and Kon means persistence. No one will disagree that  luck and persistence are requisite factors for success, but how about obtuseness?
Here Don can be interpreted as a character to be foolishly honest and to devote oneself to one's responsibility and it also suggests that such nature can not be acquired by those who are too smart or too sensitive as always care about the situation around them.
Do you think that you are Don ?
Me? I am trying to be more Don and Kon, hoping to get more Un!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I bought it!

"The Rose of Versailles" is one of the most famous classic manga in Japan.
Japan Post Service has published commemorative stamp sheet featuring the manga.

As one of a big fan who was crazy about reading the comic when schoolgirl , I could not leave post office without buying a sheet.

top right: Oscar, down right: Marie Antoinette
Oscar,  who is actually a woman, was raised as a man by her father who expected a boy and succeeding his will, she had devoted herself to bodyguard Marie Antoinette, a queen of France.
But Oscar, witnessing misery of poor citizens, gradually cooperates and fights with them against the king and queen and arrogant aristocracy. Oscar, Antoinette, and their lovers are swallowed by the wave of French Revolution.....

This comic was created by Riyoko Ikeda in 1970's and made big boom in Japan. Many girls felt in love with Oscar and I was not a exception. After coming from school, I used to copy the portraits of every character and painted them with water color. Then I started to create my original manga stories. I regret that I lost all papers on which I draw them. Probably they were the first break which lead me to becoming to artist.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Show at Osaka

Following to one person show, my work are now showcased at group show by Spectrum Gallery, Osaka through June 21.

Architects, interior coordinator, and art consultants are invited to the show, but collectors are also very welcomed. Please contact the gallery for details.
Phone: 06-6710-4648

Gallery's Website


Friday, June 3, 2011

My Show at Osaka

Here I want to share my new works at the show in Osaka.

"Chrysanthemum" series are that of my new paintings in which I intended to include something Japanese.
upper left: Drops From Heaven III, bottom left: Sky III, right: Chrysanthemum I

top: Chrysanthemum II, down: Chrysanthemum III

from left: Flowers, Light Of Joy, Drops From Heaven I, After The Rain

small oil pastels

The show is another week to go. I would love to meet you there.

Detailed Post for The Show
Gallery's Website