Monday, February 20, 2012

Snowy Days

Snowed for last week, but I feel the spring is coming to my door:
Every morning I go out to the entrance at my apartment building to pick up news paper and it had been still dark at 6:30 in the morning in the recent months, but it seems to me the sun appears earlier in the last 2 days. (^^)smile
I have finished 2 small paintings of which I took the images form winter sceneries- icy blue sky, trees in the cold wind, sparkling surface of water.
I used my favorite pallet for the paintings -subtle and neutral colors. They interact on each level of layers and change the mood of surface just with a drop of paint.
I put the title "Winter Days". Maybe too ordinary?? Help me if you come up with a better title.
Hope to paint two more in the same size so that the four small paintings makes a bigger square picture.

Winter Days #1
13"x 13"(33cm x 33cm) , oil on canvas
冬の日 #1、キャンバスに油彩

Winter Days #2
13"x 13"(33cm x 33cm) , oil on canvas
冬の日 #2、キャンバスに油彩

view from studio window (snowing!)