Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012's Resolution

Started studio work of new year with signing up a fresh painting.
This is one from my "Drops" series.
新年のスタートは新作のサインから =*^-^*=

Flowers 2 (tentative)
oil on canvas, 53cm x 53cm

Then continued to work on another chrysanthemum painting in progress.

Have worked this chrysanthemum series since last year and this is the fifth in the series.
Until a year ago, I was not very much interested in painting a particular flower, but as I get old and become aware of the roots of culture and the way of thinking of my country, I started to think that I want to make paintings that represent my country.
For avoidance of doubt, these paintings does not involve any political statement, although chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan as well as cherry. Painting it is simply a measure of self exploration as an artist.
Somebody said that working in series are like making LP, and working in artwork one-by-one is making single record. Personally I prefer to work in series. I hope these chrysanthemum works will reach to mature this year.

Here is my resolution of 2012:
1. Work, work, work- Studio work is the priority
2.Better badminton player- I hope to participate in any official game in my city!
3. Develop more recipe using more vegetables- hope to loose some weight!


3. 野菜を使ったレシピで、多少とも痩せたい。