Friday, June 3, 2011

My Show at Osaka

Here I want to share my new works at the show in Osaka.

"Chrysanthemum" series are that of my new paintings in which I intended to include something Japanese.
upper left: Drops From Heaven III, bottom left: Sky III, right: Chrysanthemum I

top: Chrysanthemum II, down: Chrysanthemum III

from left: Flowers, Light Of Joy, Drops From Heaven I, After The Rain

small oil pastels

The show is another week to go. I would love to meet you there.

Detailed Post for The Show
Gallery's Website


  1. Beautiful work Itsuko, love the crysanthemums - obviously with the history of Japan they reference it adds an interesting dimension, but these rise above the past and are soothing and yet challenging .. hope it all goes well at the gallery .. KW

  2. Thank you, Kevin,
    I am pleased to meet this new theme for my paintings. Hope to show more in near future.