Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Canvases On Easel

Finishing three shows in a row in Osaka, I came back to my studio and started to prepare for new paintings for another one person show in Oct.

This is the first stage of the painting, in which I hope to depict early summer sunlight.
Painting in monochrome is like making a map to get clues for light values.  

Another chrysanthemum painting. I already have a blueprint of the finished work, but it usually does not end up as I see in my mind.

It is very hot and humid in Japan in this time of the year, as usual.
In addition, Japanese government is appealing for people to save electricity throughout the nation since we may be running out of power in midsummer this year due to the series of accidents of nuclear power plant in Fukushima, which has not been blown over yet.
Therefore, as many Japanese do, no wonder that I volunteer to refrain from using air conditioner in my studio and at home as long as I can.    
In order to develop my physical strength not to suffer heat stroke, I went to badminton practice this morning and played for 2 and a half hours, then ended up with awful muscle aches here and there.


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