Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting Into High Summer

Still working on two paintings day-by-day basis.
Rainy season has ended and we should prepare for high summer.

Added pale blue and green.
I hope to present air of early summer sunlight.
Need to be painted in layers after layers.

Chrysanthemum #4
Still thinking about background colors.

My body is getting used to studio life without air conditioner.
I am happy that I can save power and bill at the same time.
Oh, but it is really hot! Saying "it's hot" makes me feel hotter!
The only problem to turn on air conditioner is that worsen my poor blood circulation.
However I still like hot summer like summer.
This is the season that we can appreciate the breath of air.
Plus it is the time for fire works, lantern festival, and among all, water melon(+beer after studio hours).
Let's enjoy!


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