Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lunch of the Day

This is not a food blog. But I write about food a lot; I am FOODIE.
I think most artists love to cook and eat as much as to paint.
Our fascination is always diredted to anything beautiful, whether it is eatable or not. However, my lunch is pretty much plain and frugal in preparetion for dinner.

lunch of the day

Today's lunch is one sweet potato, one mandarin orange, and milk tea.
You may say that I should take some protein. Yes, maybe.
But until 70 years ago, Japanese took proper nutrition mostly from rice only and they live long (longest in fact) ! So I do not worry too much.

During this busy season, I enjoy watching populare Japanese cooking TV show "Kewpie's Three Minutes Cooking".

This program has been broadcasted every day since 1963 and made the Guinness Book of Records as the world's longest running TV cooking program.
I usually work at my studio in the morning and stop working just before the program and watch while preparing lunch.
Isn't it a happy routine?

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