Sunday, December 19, 2010

Secret Ingredient

Right bottle is fish powder and the left one is Yuzu Kosho. I use them routinely for my cooking. Fish powder is mainly for making broth or soup stock such as miso-soup, but you can use it for anything as you use permesan cheese.  Just sprinkle on food when you want some sort of flavor.It is simply small fishes reduced into powder, so is very healthy way to take necessary calcium. ( not so fishy taste, I think.)
Yuzu, as some of you may know, is a type of Japanese citron and Yuzu Kosho literally means Yuzu & black pepper. However, it actually does not contain black pepper. It is made of red pepper and Japanese citron and matured together a while. Like Wasabi, it goes great with beef, pork and chicken. When I do not have enough time to cook, I just saute beef steak (or boil paper-thin sliced pork) with solt & pepper on a pan and serve with Yuzu Kosho. Great dinner for busy person!

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