Sunday, December 26, 2010

Studio Cleaning

my studio storage space
My year end cleaning project is in the final stage. I had a little break for Christmas, so I have to catch up my project schedule. I have my studio at home where filled with all kinds of art supplies and junks and need to be organized for my new canvases. Yes, I ordered with an art supplier for a stack of canvases and am expecting their coming in the  beginning of next year. So I got another space at home for storage.
second storage
I moved some of giant canvases to my studio storage and am going to add another shelf in this room so that I can keep a lots of small canvases here. This room is very well ventilated and suitable for wet canvases. Artist needs a lot of space and this always create headache, since I and my husband move home once in every several years. However it is always nice feeling to wait new canvases coming. It is like you are waiting for babies yet to be born.

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