Sunday, January 2, 2011

Coming back to home

I was away from home to my in-laws parents house in Nara for new year holidays.
We took ferry to Osaka port and it was very enjoying to stay overnight in boat.

The boat left Moji port to Osaka at 19:00.

I like travel by boat as long as I can stay  a bay locked by land ; Open sea is a bit scary for me (although I like to paint ocean). When I watch the water, I feel like to get drawn into it, especially when viewing night sea.

But in this trip to Osaka, we cruised inland sea, so it was just fine for me.

The room we reserved was big enough (at least for us) equipped with two beds, table, pot and cups for tea, washing basin and most importantly TV. I and my husband enjoyed watching it until late, just putting all the busyness we had at the year end out of our mind.  I think we deserve it!

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