Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rainy Tuesday

Got a text message when I was just about to leave home for my Tuesday morning routine -badminton lesson. Text was from the coach that today's lesson was canceled because of leaky ceiling in the gym! What a pity! I got a bad cold all last week and could not go to badminton lesson which I look forward every week. 
So, suddenly given a free Tuesday. I decided to rework on a painting that I would have finished a month ago...

 "Chrysanthemum #5" in progress (detail)

My chrysanthemum #5 painting is still unfinished. I have been trying many colors and types of brush touches, but I cannot still find the best ones or at least the ones somehow satisfying.


Facing to the painting in which I got stuck is not pleasant work. For me, the hardest time in painting is the time when a painting is close to finish; I have to pay attention to every detail of the surface. Delicate and weary moment. In order to neutralize such feeling of oppression, when a painting is close to be done, I start a new one-in which I can just enjoy, and do not have to be fussy about any details.
This is the one I am going to show in my two person show in summer in Osaka.  




  1. Hi,

    Maybe you need to work better those values on the chrysanthemum.
    Hey, you could always practice your badminton against one of your works to test the quality of the support :-)

    Have a nice weekend,


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  3. Hi, Jose,
    Will try to work more on the chrysanthemum painting, while I spend some time for exercise (such as badminton!) between my studio work.