Wednesday, December 22, 2010


These are the works I painted several years ago.

Top: "Then I get lost #1", 36"x28 1/2"(91cmx 73cm), oil on canvas
Middle: "Then I get lost #2", 36"x28 1/2"(91cmx 73cm), oil on canvas
Bottom: "Garden of Spirits",46"x36"(117cmx 91cm), oil on canvas

I painted them inspired by the image of branching trees. They were standing on the side of the road I pass by when my grocery shopping routine. They are not special trees and I do not know even their names. But when I drive through the road once or twice a week, they showed me every moment of transition of weather or season.  I like to observe their changing of colors. Leaves are not just green, they can be yellowish or greyish green, or dark blue, or even can be white reflecting sunlight. Those change of colors are very, very subtle and catching and reproducing them are not easy job, but I can never get tired of watching at them. I continue to paint the image of trees as long as they give me unlimited inspirations.

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