Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Representative Work

Gymnasium #1, 21"x21"(53cm x 53cm)
Most of my paintings are abstract. So this work may seem very unusual in my work. But for me as of that artist, all of my works are created to be inspired by nature scenes, whether it ended up with as representational or abstract.
I painted this gymnasium where I practice playing badminton once a week. The gymnasium, called Sayaga-tani Gym, is a tiny place with just a three badminton court. I heard that it is built several decades ago by a major corporation  (it is still one of the biggest corporation in Japan) around here, but left to ruin and rust after the bubble years, then the city bought the gym and restored. 
It is still very small gym keeping its original size, and in summer it is hot like a hell, and cold like a fridge cause it does not have an air conditioner. I think the city did not have money to put one in. However, people in this community love this gym and I like it, too. I sometimes go to a much bigger gym, but I like it here.
I can see and feel the transition of seasons. I can look at the green bushes and feel the air from the opened door (as opened always, cause no air conditioner ) whereas I can enjoy the pastel-like colors of the hills behind the bushes, of which colors are somewhat softened through the old smoky windows. All of those are inspirations of this work and those thoughts are coming by while I am practicing and that is because why my badminton prowess improves so slowly...

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