Monday, December 13, 2010

My Painting Space

This is my studio.
It is very small but relaxing little nest for me. But it sometimes turns out to be the last place I want to step in like a hell or confession room when my painting does not go well - I struggle very (very ) hard with a painting for several weeks or months, but my painting does not end up with satisfaction.  Or I feel very happy with the work and ask to my husband how he likes it, but he says "..well,... I think it's OK..."
To be an artist is very hard profession in terms of patience and courage. We artist sometimes must spend considerable time for nothing but with hope, and IMO, also must be brave enough to evolve and change what we are currently doing.
Anyway, in most case I am happy in my studio, working on my painting, listening radio, and picking up a piece of chocolate.

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