Friday, January 14, 2011

Artist needs exercise

I think that artist is a lonely profession.
We spent most of our time in private studio, without talking to anybody but to ourselves and unfinished canvas in front of us.
No wonder that many artist like to communicate via computer or phone (we need somebody to talk to!) , and no wonder that they do not get enough exercise (we often use only our right/left hand muscles!).

I had been exercising too little since I was thirty something, and it caused me a general sick feeling. Ever since, I do exercise every morning to one of the most famous Japanese TV program "Radio Calisthenics." It literally means radio exercise but is broadcast to music on public NHK TV and Radio twice a day. I do that exercise at  6:25 every morning to stretch myself.
It is a short program and certainly not enough, but the concept of doing this is to wake up my body at the beginning of the day.

However, I need more work out. So I started to learn and play badminton three years ago. Not many knows that badminton is such a hard sports. It is said that the exercise volume of badminton for an hour is competitive to that of soccer. We are always required  to repeat quick motion during the exercise. Even in winter, I get covered in sweat after the exercise.
After I took badminton class for two session at the gym in my neighbor, I become a member of a local club team, where I play it every week. One of my wildest dream is to participate in a official game to wear a shirt embroidered with the name of our team! will take some time...
Daily TV exercise and weekly badminton certainly made my body more energetic and healthier than before. To keep healthy body is a basic requirement of house plant artist like me.


  1. Badminton! That sounds like great exercise. And fun.

    You're so right that artists need to pay attention to exercise. I have a large dog (Labrador Retriever) who needs a long walk every day, so he gives me my exercise and gets me outdoors. I'd be very out of shape without him!

  2. Labrador Retriever!! It must be a good exercise to walk with such a big dog!

  3. Badminton is great too. It's a lot of fun and can get intense when you have competitive people. If you ever get a shirt with an embroidered name you should post a photo here!!!

    Not having a car helps me as it makes me walk a lot, but then again I'm a student. I also run if I have time.

  4. I will definitely post a photo of myself when I get the shirts to show off!