Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mt. Fuji or Rocky Mt.?

I went to a pastry shop in my neighbor yesterday to buy my favorite pie.

This pastry named "fresh cream pie" is the best selling item in the shop, which is usually sold out in the morning.  Not good looking, but the pie is filled with beautiful custard cream on piecrust and also covered with some layers of the same piecrust piled up like a mountain.
This pie may not be appropriate to serve to guests, because eating this is not very easy and elegant; You have to break down the mountain and pick up the cream with a piece of piecrust. Your fingers get dipped into the custard cream and it forces you to lick your fingers all the time....

However, It is a bliss ! I and my husband enjoy to eat this way. Hamburger, fried chicken, raw oyster on shell, or chocolate eclair etc. should be eaten without fork and knife. Sushi also taste better without chopsticks ( I use ones when I eat out, though..).  Eating wild is a secret joy only between families.

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