Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do you think e-book will supersede p-book?

I love to read read books.
To be more precise, I love all the things created around it when reading books.
Uninterrupted private time, with favorite music and aroma of coffee in the late afternoon with no plan to do.
I used to go to coffee shop to soak myself into that atmosphere, and reading in the situation is still my most relaxing time. 
Each turn of page, I sip coffee, and I deeply get into the world of the book I am reading.

E-books have been published a while ago and sales of portable terminal for reading e-books, such as iPad or Kindle are  increasing year by year. It is said that the sales of e-book will supersede that of paper books. Recently an Japanese TV program reported that senior generation buy more e-books than young generation, because it is easy to magnify the words and we do not need big book shelf anymore. Also, e-book can built in the music matched with the book contents, or the video of author. E-book certainly have advantages which p-book can never have.
I talked about that with my father in law who is also love reading any kinds of typed letters including newspaper and flyers. And we concluded that we still prefer p-books , because,
"E-book does not have THAT atmosphere!"
That's all that matters at least for us two. When I read digital letters on computer, I do not feel like I am reading something. I feel like I am just tracking down the information.
I maybe buy portable tablet for e-books someday, but I hope that future will be distant and hardbound books will be continued to be sold for the fans like me.


  1. I have no interest in e-books. I get tired looking at a screen. Paper for me.

  2. I got tired to look at screen, too. I prefer to look at paper or canvas.