Thursday, January 27, 2011

Japanese love Hawaii

My aunt called me last night. She has the sweetest personality; She tends to get hot in anything, so whenever she finds something new in which she becomes interested, she gives me a call to make me find more information on that. (She knows that I am good at googling.) It is a kind of fun to predict what comes next. She already quited a fan of Korean actor, then she started ( or I should say I started on behalf of her) a blog for networking with her younger friends and it has not been updated for 2 years. Then her interest had been focused on painting, which made her take three painting classes a week, but the passion of painting has ended when she had a group show with her classmates last summer. She always loves and enjoys her life too much to remember her age.
That aunt said that she will go to Hawaii with her husband and want me to find a good hotel and entertainments. It is nothing to make a small research on Hawaii, moreover, it is a pleasure for me doing that, because I love Hawaii.

quilt on progress

I went to Hawaii only twice. Since the first time I went there for honeymoon, I felt in love with the island. Blue sky, blue water, nice breeze, nice food, nice people...As most Japanese become so after the first trip to Hawaii, my life had been filled with Hawaiian stuff since then. Between busy painting and housekeeping routine, I went to Hawaiian quilting class and made pillows, blankets, or bags all with Hawaiian flower and animal designs. I still love time to sew the quilt while watching Hawaiian video.

I am trying not to write too long, however,...
I think that there are some points that why Japanese love Hawaii more than any other foreign lands; beautiful sea, good food, safety, good shopping place.... but most importantly, Hawaii is the the only part of the America where we can communicate in Japanese. In many places in Hawaii, we can communicate in our language and surprisingly we can even use Japanese Yen in many shops!
In 60's to 70's, it reminds me of a very popular TV quiz show on sunday night, in which the champion was awarded a trip to Hawaii.  Hawaii had been a Mecca for Japanese at the time when overseas traveling was not affordable.
Today, many Japanese can enjoy going overseas, wherever on the globe, but our communication in foreign language (i.e. English!) is still limited. So foreign land like Hawaii where we can enjoy exotic atmosphere without any worries about language, is just a paradise for us Japanese.
Hawaii is the best hybrid of Japan and the U.S.


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