Friday, January 28, 2011

My final ritual of painting

I finished a painting yesterday. or I should say that I hope it is finished.
Whenever I finished one, I leave it for a week and look at it later.
In some cases, I realize that the work is missing something and has not finished yet. Then I start reworking on the painting.
In some cases, I confirmed it is actually finished painting and sign on it peacefully.

In many cases, I think about the title after I finished painting. I am not good at naming and that truth make me hate naming more. Only in a few cases, good title pops up in my head while I am painting. But it does not happen so often. Until I come up the title, I have to continue thinking of it. Sigh... My mother used to tell me that I should do my homework as soon as I come home from school..  I hope to hire somebody to think of the titles for my work.
Most of my works are semi-abstract, so I want to give them something  poetic names. I can think of that type of titles in Japanese, but translation is not easy. Sometimes the message is lost. One of the difficult term to translate is "Utsuroi"(literally meaning "transience"or"transition"). Utsuroi is a concept of my work which means the transition of shapes and colors of nature, or flow of time all of which represents the ephemeral existence of our life. "Transience" may be OK, but I do not like the sound very much. Do you have any idea?
At all event,it is nice that I  can have little relaxing tea time while thinking the title after I finished a painting.

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