Monday, January 31, 2011

Mottainai - Inventory Day

Filing of tax return for 2010 has started.
I have been filing it for a long time, but I still have not get used to; I always get confused.
The reason of my confusion is that the explanation brochure of tax return made by tax office is too complicated while my filing as an independent artist with no employees is very simple.
In any case, my filing starts from inventory taking.

I have to count the paints, canvases, brushes, papers, frames etc. I have in my studio.
Then I usually realize that I have soooo many things enough to survive for next three years. But I buy something and something in the middle of the year, excusing to myself that I may use it someday. Shopping art supplies is a fun for any artists but it seems like a wasting.
I am going to Osaka this weekend and plan to stop by a very good art supply store. Well...It may be also "mottainai" (wasting) if I do not shop there because I do not go there so often.

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