Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pencil Drawing - Rose Bouquet

I found some of my old pencil drawings. I created them almost 10 years ago, but because of the high quality of the paper, and good storage condition (i.e. proper temperature and moisture, no sunshine), they are not faded at all. I am happy that they remain perfectly same as the time I created them.

"Rose Bouquet" 16" x 12 1/4
When I made these sketches, I was very interested in gardening. I lived in a small apartment by myself ( I was not married at that time) and maybe wanted something  to take care of.
I grew many kinds of plants and flowers in my little balcony. I continued to plant many including  mini-roses, daisies, anemones, tulips, etc, until I could not find any place to hung my laundries!
I watered them everyday before going to work and talked(!) to them when I came home. (I heard that talking to plants make them grow faster. Is that true?) When they grew up, I took some into my room and sketched them.  It is my fond memories.
This was originally a potted mini-rose; One of my friend gave me when I moved in the apartment. As some of you may know, mini-roses does not live long; It usually gets sick and dies within 2-3 years after being planted. But I grew them from cutting over and over, it lived for 8 years.
I do not grow any plants now, but hope to do someday. I want to grow Japanese wild flowers and English roses together.

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