Thursday, January 20, 2011

My studio mate

There are some essentials when working in studio;

They are radio/CD player and humidifier.
I usually listen local radio program entitled "Morning Jam" in the morning. 
I especially love the short session in the program called "Omoroi Kazoku"(my funny family). The DJ reads the selected listeners' posts about funny happenings by their family. Most stories are very funny but heart warming and it makes me relax while I paint.
I prefer to listen radio talks than music, not only because I feel like I am together with somebody, but because I can work more freely and relaxed. It is not always good to make my whole mind concentrate on painting. It sometimes spoils the painting, as a education-obsessed parents take away the independence from their kids. I watch myself not to interrupt the painting to start moving by itself and go their own way (..sometimes it does not go anywhere, though..).
Another studio mate is only working during winter. She takes care of the condition of my oil paintings and my throat not to dry. She is very quiet but hard working, and she even helps me to dry my laundry!

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