Friday, January 21, 2011

Stiff shoulder

I have an appointment with massage therapy today.
This is a monthly treat for me. I have been suffered from discomfort in my shoulder and neck.
It is truly "pain in the neck"!

Since a couple of years, my shoulders often got stiff, so I have tried many things, such as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, and yoga. Playing badminton is also to ease my shoulders.
After many trials, I came up the idea that I have to limit myself from using computer (in order to avoid to watch screen for a long time), and I have to get relaxed not only physically, but mentally; What I mean is that most of shoulder stiffness or bad blood circulation, at least in my case,  are caused by STRESS.
For years, I had too much to do, too much to concern, (sounds like a too modern women?)  and it seemed to me that all of them had deadline to be cleaned up. However, after I got serious headache from my shoulder and neck, I gave up the idea of "I must do this by that time".  I tried to do everything very slowly and not to worry about the time-line. Then I found that most things that I thought I must to do within a time-line were actually not needed to be done by that time. Hard pressure from time or responsibility were actually created by me. After I realize it, my shoulder stiffness is getting better, being relieved from tense.
Most Japanese are very strict on punctuality, and I know it made Japan to be productive efficient country, but probably we can be less productive. It may make us more creative.
Oops, I must run. It is appointment time with massage therapist. Appointment with someone is one of the exception that we have to be punctual.

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