Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On the Origin of Species

One day I imagined how life started on the earth.
The earth was covered by just a lot of ultra-micro stuff , like dust, water vapor, virus, gases, etc.
They were combined by accident, fall apart again, and maybe re-united. I do not know how long it took. But finally they generated some seeds which fall onto ground, and became the origin of life. Small white spots in green are symbol of radiance of tiny life.
Thinking of such, I created some works.
In The Beginning #1

In The Beginning #2

In The Beginning #9
 "In the Beginning" is a series of oil pastel paintings based on my imagination for birth of life.
It is consisted of 15 painting and  I put the thought into each of them.
They are 17.5cm x 17.5cm (7"x7") small, so I tried to stay simple composition to depict in each painting. Also, I used lots of green colors since I think they are source color of vitality. I hope that they will inspire viewers' imagination on life.


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