Thursday, January 6, 2011

Made In High School

I bought a canned Buta-Miso,ground pork seasoned with miso.
Buta-Miso were originally made as preservative food in Kagoshima prefecture, but were gradually sold as souvenirs.
I bought two kinds of them; One (I ate up already) was in a fancy bottle and made by a food company. Another was filled in a cheap can and made by, surprisingly, high school students and it tastes better !!!

From about a decade ago, some Japanese high schools started to put more effort into operating restaurant or selling food items by their students. Those high schools have courses for students who want to be chef and sometimes invite professional chefs to teach class.
From basics to highly sophisticated techniques, those student are hammered into by the chefs. They are also taught the food business and management as well. Therefore, selling whatever they made is a part of their course. One restaurant named "Mago-no-Mise" (meaning "restaurant by grandchildren") operated by Soka High School in Mie prefecture is getting too popular that all menus are sold out in the morning hours. In most cases, high school made food are safe, less expensive, and good taste. Good for everybody!

Buta-Miso itself is not difficult to cook.
In fly pan, first stir minced ginger (2 table spoon) with some vegetable oil.
Then add ground pork (or minced pork, 150g), sugar (100g), minced onion (half), miso(250g), graded onion (1 table spoon), and sesame seeds (2 table spoon). Stir until pork is cooked.
If you have Mirin (sweet sake) , add 1 table spoon.
Best much with rice but also good as dip sauce for vegetable sticks.

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