Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oyster Day

Released from all the chores (including filing of tax return), I and my husband went to out for oyster for Saturday brunch. We live in a local city close to the sea, so there are many oyster bars where serve fresh oysters only between January and March. My husband made some research on the oyster bars while I was hardly pressed with those miscellaneous stuff. Oysters are my favorite winter food. I used to enjoy oyster festival when I lived in Oyster Bay in NY.

The oyster bar he chose was more like a cabin than a fancy restaurant. But people are waiting in line. Seems like to run by fishermen.

Inside of the restaurant is not very sophisticated but filled with people enjoying food and good smell of fresh oysters barbecued on each of their table.

oysters in shell and skewered devil fish (left)

Guests are supposed to grill oysters and other seafood on the wire net by themselves. They are given gloves, opening knife, and tongs (and even garbage bucket ) for barbecuing. This is very entertaining and fun to look at the oysters are opening.

fried oyster with tartar sauce
Eating good food is always fun. I think having meals, wherever you live, whatever you eat, or whomever you are with, is the most important part of life. We eat to live. So I want to enjoy everyday meals as much as I can. Well...maybe you think this is just a excuse not to feel guilty to be a foodie. Yes maybe. Thinking such, I and my husband dropped by a pastry shop for dessert on the way back to home.   

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