Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sky Painting

I have finished a new sky painting.
Here I want to share its creating process.

Before painting, I coated the stretched canvas with white paint three times in order to build smooth surface and dried it for a month. Then I painted foundation color, which is beige in this case. Sketch with white.

Theme was sky. So first color popped up in my mind was pale blue for sky and gray for clouds. Maybe too common. But I stared with those colors anyway.

I love the sky at morning glow and sunset because of its subtle colors, although I always have difficult time to reproduce the colors in my mind.
Referring to the photos I shot for my work, I added some orange and cream yellow. Consider the composition.

Adding more colors and colors. This is most difficult time for me. The more I paint, the more I feel something is not right in the work. But I do not know what to do. So I just leave it for days and come back to paint. Repeat this process for a few weeks.

Still in the middle of struggling with paints.

Here I can see subtle sign of hope that the painting is close to finalize.

Title: Sky and Water - Sky#3
Size: 41cm x 41cm (16" x 16")
Medium: oil on canvas

Available on etsy soon.


  1. Itsuko, this is really wonderful! Thank you for showing us so well how you build up your beautiful paintings.

  2. Thank you, too. I always enjoy the photos in your blog.

  3. Your work is beautiful! Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment - it's always nice meeting new people!

  4. I like your flower paintings with strong brush work. Please keep looking at my blog, too.