Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pencil Drawing - Yellow Lilies

Lily is one of my favorite motives. I like lilies because of its variety of sizes, shapes and colors.
The pencil drawing below was yellow lilies with dark brown spots.

"Lilies" 16" x 12 1/4" (41cm x 31cm)
I used to buy a small bunch of flowers at flower shop; when I feel down, when I want to work with light medium, or when no creative ideas come up in my mind and I do not have good motif in my studio.They certainly filled my empty hands and mind with comfort.
Many artist of all ages and cultures have dealt with flowers, and there are zillions of styles.
These days I do not deal with flowers as my painting subject, but I want to restart working with them, hoping to depict them in the style that only I can do.

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