Friday, March 4, 2011

Groundwork for a new painting

Inspired by my own old sketches, I finally have got into action for a new painting.
It has been in my mind for a few weeks, even I was in the middle of tax application procedure, that I want to develop my own style of paintings. Maybe "style" is not the right term, but I want more sense of myself in my work as much as freshness as a contemporary painter.

This will be a experimental painting in order to pursue my originality, which I am sure is not easy to develop. But I will do it anyway. Continuous effort and groundwork for improving one's own art world is essential for artists.
I collected many reference materials, moved them around, and developing my idea about the painting; size, composition, or color combination, etc. Most important matter among all will be a rough final image, but I seldom reach it when finished painting because of : 1. change of my mind, and 2. painting itself start to talk. Well, I know I need more experience...
I struggled with the materials all day today, feeling very happy to start new work and left studio for night practice of badminton club.

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