Sunday, March 6, 2011

Badminton Life

My enthusiasm for badminton has been growing up day by day.
Have I ever put myself into any sporting activities this much? Never!
As in my studio name "Pleiades" which is named after that I am taurus, my pattern of behavior and temperament is very much like that of cow; slow, stubborn and love to nap.  
There are many local teams in my local city, from semi-professional level to kids' class.
Many teenagers also belong to their school team, where we hope turn out some national players for the Olympics.  My team is one of women's clubs of moderate performance.  Most of us are married women having domestic duties and job (and kids) in our both hands and enjoy exercising and of course a lot of chatting between our busy days.

We practice once a week in a gymnasium. I love this tiny gym, but actually the condition of it is awful... As you can see from the photo, it is only protected by one layer of wall and glass, and therefore conditions inside are directly influenced by the weather of the day. When it is sunny, it is like a oven, and if it is snow, the inside is cold like a fridge.  No curtain, no air conditioner. We had no choice because we did not have enough members and cannot afford a bigger space...
However, we are getting new members (actually I am one of the newbees) and our coach announced that she fill find another partner team to share the cost and space of the bigger gym ( with shower and locker rooms, air conditioner and curtains, for sure!) so that we can move out from here.
If it happens, we can play much more comfortably. I will pray for our play.

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