Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Troubles - It is part of artist's life

Came back from short trip to Tokyo. Before I went to airport to home, I stopped by an art supply store to buy some glassine papers. I bought  40 sheets (1016mm x 762mm, which is appx. 40"x 30")and they were so heavy! I knew that papers are generally heavy, but I did not expect that heavy because glassine  is very thin paper. I had shoulder bag and suitcase, both full of my clothes and portfolio of my work, etc., so I struggled with holding all of them and finally got to the airport. Then I got stopped at security check at the gate by an inspection officer who was suspicious about the long tube protected by thick covering paper and plastic bag. (although it actually included just papers..)  
I regretted that I should have bought the papers online.. should not have saved shipping cost.

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