Saturday, March 12, 2011

Major quake and tsunami hit Japan- March 11, 2011

The highest level of earthquake struck Japan and big tsunami (tidal wave) crushed ashore in northeast coasts of the country. Nowhere in Japan is earthquake-free, but this one is the most severe quake in our history, not only in terms of its magnitude level of 8.9, but in terms of broad scope of the damaged area, of which nobody still do not know exactly.

Since yesterday, all media incl. TV, radio, internet news or even twitter are devoting enormous time and space into this disaster. I still cannot believe what is happening in front of us. I live in southeast part of Japan Island where fortunately was not directly hit by the quake, but am a bit confused and disquieted by all the news which release videos of the towns and towns ruined by tsunami and report the updates of the number of missing or dead people by every ten minutes.
Japan had massive M 7.3 earthquake in Kobe (The Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake) back in 1995 caused 5,600 deaths. Damages caused by the quake and tsunami this time will transcend that of Kobe and expand to the whole country including to the impact on our economy.
Same as in Kobe quake, the feeling of fear and confusion of people happens only after half day later from the event because nobody knows what happened or how big the damage was right after the quake, unless they live in the area directly attacked by it. Overnight into this morning, followed by a number of aftershocks, we still do not know whole picture of the damage. I heard that some coastal area of Russia, Taiwan, and Hawaii were also hit by tsunami. It will take several more days or weeks until we know the whole damages brought by the quake and tsunami.
All we know now is that whole country will need to help the suffered area and people, but contradictorily, we do not know what to do NOW. We just keep our eyes on what happens (and I hope that people who live outside of Japan or other damaged country will also do so), praying that as many people as possible will be saved from this terrible disaster. 

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