Monday, March 14, 2011


Ships are running on the road in front of the houses and cars are driven away like tiny leaves floating on the river. Many towns were lost, zillions of buildings were broke down. Families, friends, or neighbors are missing. Nobody knows the exact death toll. As you see in the TV or internet, the quake hit the northeast of Japan brought tremendous damage to us.

However people are surviving through all the pain and grief while fearing aftershocks, another tsunami and possible exposure to radiation. I am proud, and it is our hope that people who are most severely suffered by the quake have committed no riots or robberies but have been helping each other.

For avoidance of doubt, western part of Japan (=west from Nagoya) have not suffered. For those like me who live in such unsuffered area, I think it is the most important to get back our normal life as much as possible in order NOT to stop economic or production activities in Japan, while obtaining and carefully filtering any information available to us from all of the media. Each of us Japanese should have our own job to save our country and I want to and will do mine.


  1. We've been feeling aftershocks all day. It's exhausting. I hope things can be rebuilt better than before.

  2. I'd been thinking about you, Itsuko. On the TV news here in the UK this lunchtime the BBC praised the calm and effective organisation of all the Japanese in dealing with this tragedy.

  3. Andrea,
    It must be very hard to feel aftershocks all day long.. I feel sorry for the inconvenience by power blackouts in your area.

    The sufferers are very patient and try to keep calm for effective cooperation. As one of the unsuffered, I want carefully to identify what we should and what we should not.