Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Quake Appeal

All over the world, online donation are being held to help raise money for Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster occurred last Friday.
I am taking part in Japan Quake Appeal, a fund raising auction and raffle organized by Jo at A Bit Of This and Bit Of That.
It would be great if you could get involved one way or the other.

All the auction and raffle will start at March 18, Friday and last for a week.
The master list of the auctioneers will be published on Jo's blog above mentioned.
All money are directly paid to Global Giving by the winner of the auction. Upon the receipt of the proof of payment, the auctioneer will send the product to the winner.

I am planning to auction my woodblock prints and will upload the images of the works hopefully tomorrow.

It is snowing today in the northeast of Japan. My heart breaks for the people who have been in the  evacuation center without enough food, water, or heat or the children who have been looking for  their parents since last week.
One good news was that a 70 year-old woman was found and evacuated yesterday, 92 hours after the quake occurred. It is said that threshold for surviving is 72 hours. I hope that other people buried in rubble, if any alive (I believe so), will be found as soon as possible.
I also want to show my greatest appreciation to the engineers and SDF members who try to protect us from any accident of nuclear power plant and all rescue teams from across the world, at the risk of their lives. I will pray for their safety from the bottom of my heart.

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