Friday, March 25, 2011

Chrysanthemum1 -working process 1

I have started working on  a new painting series based on the imagery of chrysanthemum, while listening to the radio for the quake and its survivers.

Chrysanthemum is not my favorite flower,since it is low-key and inconspicuous, but it is symbolic one for Japanese.

First, I made a sketch and traced it down on a white canvas.

Then I start to paint with white and black (actually low umber) to make light and shadow based on my sketch and photo I made for this painting.
This phase is usually called Grisaille, which means to paint in monochrome.

1/4 of first stage is almost done. I think this is fun part of whole painting process; Although I have to be careful about subtle change in light and shadow, this process reminds me of painting by numbers.

 Working on the second section.

In this painting, I divided the canvas space into 4 sections. I want to depict each section in slightly different taste but make it still look like one chrysanthemum flower.
This is my first trial to make a painting this way. I might give up but hope it will work. 

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  1. Very interesting to see your process. Thanks for posting these photos!