Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chrysanthemum1 -working process 2

I have been working on the chrysanthemum painting for two weeks. I am expecting two one person shows in this year and it is for the one which comes first in Osaka.

Started working on the upper left section and bottom right section, which are supposed to have the same atmosphere but different brush touch and mood from other two sections.

Working details of flower and background.

I got in the middle phase of whole painting process. (I Hope!)
To be honest, I do not like this part of time;
Painting without any concrete idea on color or composition is like you lost in the maze.
It takes sometimes weeks until I get out from the maze. I believe that painting itself knows the right answer but it does not tell me that so easy.
It is like a waiting game between the painting and I.
I feel like I am tested by my own painting.

Seems a good color combination, but the background colors might be too similar.
I may want to change it later.
In any case, it is still far from the happy ending. Sigh.....

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