Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Perfect Packaging

I think that most artist do not like the tasks other than actually making their work, such as accounting, promoting, or record keeping. Blogging or Facebooking (there is no such word, but i made it up!) and other social networking is OK, but very time consuming stuff. How about making package and shipping? I did not like it when I was not get used to do it, but since I need to send many packages to galleries or other venues domestically or sometimes internationally throughout the year, I am getting interested in making Perfect Box which is beautiful in appearance and sustainable for international shipping. 

Here are some tips:
1. Buy corrugated board (preferably 5mm thick= slightly thinner than 1/4 ") and make your own box rather than buying premade box.
   In some cases, you can recycle cardboard boxes, but I do not use those when sending to my collectors, because I think that if the packaging looks cheap, my painting may look cheap, too.
IMO, single wall is better than double wall because it is much easier to cut. For providing the box with structural strength, I usually attach another cardboard to inside of the box.

2. Use different tapes for each stage. I use 4 different tapes for each purpose. First, when I wrap canvas with paper, I use masking tape. Second, when I wrap the paper packed canvas with bubble wrap, I use either masking tape or Yojo tape (less adhesive than masking tape) so that it makes easier to open without tearing up the bubble wrap. (Bubble wrap is often reused.)
Third, when I assemble a box, I use duct tape, not use craft gummy tape . Duct tape can be laid over and over, but craft tape cannot 'cause wax-like stuff is coated on it. Forth, when I close the lid and complete the packaging, I use craft gummy tape. You can use duct tape instead, but  craft gummy tape is less expensive at least in my country.

3. Indicate where is the top and where to open so that the person who open the box opens it properly without damaging the work inside. Also, indicate "handle with care, please" and "fragile". I am not sure whether the transportation companies will read these, but try to politely ask their kind handling and caring.

Well, you can call me paranoid!




3.どこが上(top)で、どこから開けるべきか指示すること。少しでもダメージが少なく開けられるようにするためです。それと「取扱注意してください(handle with care, please)」「コワレモノ(fragile)」 を書き込むこと。輸送業者さんがこういうのを読むかどうか分かりませんが、丁寧な取扱を頼む文言を入れるようにしています。


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