Thursday, April 12, 2012

Show Announcement

I am participating in "Spring Fling" a group show at WAH Center in Brooklyn, NY.
I am so excited to be included with such awesome show held in the historical landmark building in Brooklyn.
Although I am not in there during the show, please stop by if you are nearby.
Two of my recent paintings below will be showcased.

The show Spring Fling coincides with our Spring Festival, featuring music and performance series, Taste of Williamsburg smorgasbord from delicious local eateries, as well as an artist market, flower show, and other special programs.
Date: Sat. Apr. 21 - Sun. May 27, 2012
Opening Reception: Sat. Apr.21, 4-6PM
Venue: WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY
Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 1–6 pm
Phone(718) 486-7372 or (718) 486-6012
WAH Center Website and Map 

ブルックリンの歴史建造物であるWAHセンターにて「Spring Fling」展に参加いたします。下記の油彩画を2点を展示いたします。作家本人は渡米いたしませんが、お近くにお住まいの方は是非お越しください。

オープニングレセプション:4月21日(土) 午後4時から6時
場所:WAHセンター (ブルックリン、NY)
お問い合わせ: (718) 486-7372 or (718) 486-6012 

After The Rain, oil on canvas, 2009, 18" x 21

Tree Fairies #1, oil on canvas, 2011, 13" x 13"


  1. Hello Itsuko, my name is Alex. First of all, congratulations on your acceptance to the WAH Spring Fling. My mother's artwork was also selected for the same exhibition. We were looking at the names of the participants and came across your name and blog. We are both looking forward to seeing your artwork, they are both very beautiful. Too bad we won't be able to see you at the reception. Hope to see the great artist behind these wonderful artwork in person some day :) Have a great day!

  2. Hi, Alex. Thanks for your comment.
    I looked at your mother's website and found that she was studying also in Kobe, Japan! I lived in Osaka until I got married, so maybe I have met your mother somewhere sometime.
    I like her paintings, especially the way she uses black paint with strong brush touches. They are very energetic!
    It is very nice that both of us are selected for the show.
    I am sorry that I cannot make it to NY, but hope to be there next time and meet you and your mother.

  3. Itsuko-san konbanwa! Thank you for visiting my mom's website, I'm glad you liked her work :)hai, boku no okasan wa mukashi Kobe de fashion no benkyo shite imashita (1986 kara 1989 made benkyo shite ita mitai desu), sono mae wa Kankoku de. Boku wa Kobe no international school ni kayote imashita. Kouko ou sotsugyo shita ato minna America ni hikoshimashita. Kyonen, boku no okasan wa honkaku tekini mata ee ou hajimemashita. Sono mae madewa boku to boku no otouto ou sodateru no de isogashikatta no de zenzen art ou shite imasendeshita. Demo kono toshi ni natte mata ee ou kaiteru okasan ou mite boku wa ureshi desu :) Itsuko-san, if you want we can take some pictures at the WAH with your artwork on display. We can then email them to you if you want. Anyways, once again congratulations to you :)

  4. It must be very early in the morning there in NY!
    Nihongo tomtemo jouzu desune. Kobe ni nagaku sunndeita nodesune. Watashi ha 1990 nendai ni 4 nenkan NY ni sunde imashita. Long Island de art no benkyo wo shiteimashita. Okome ga natsukasikute, tomodachi to yoku Flushing no Korean reastauran toka ni ikimashita.
    Konkai hisasiburuni NY de tennrannkai ni sannka dekirunode uresiidesu.Moshi dekireba WAH ceter no shasin wo okutte moraeru to ureshiidesu.(You can find my e-mail address at my website Jeannie san wa, ii musukosan wo motte shiawase desune. Korekara mo otagaini ii ee wo kaite ikimashou.

  5. Hai~ ryokai desu~! Shashin ou totara we'll make sure it gets emailed to you :) Itsuko-san tyo boku no okasan, futari tomo ippai ii ee wo kaite kudasai neh :)