Friday, December 14, 2012

New Surroundings

It had been my happy routine for a long time to enjoy a nap after lunch.
It is now but a dream of the past since I moved here; Backyard of my new house is facing to the playground of a junior high school, and therefore, my naptime came to be disturbed by the chimes which ring every fourty minutes to announce the start/end of the classes. Ummmm..

The chimes, however, is useful for me, too; It tells me when to start working and when to take break. It regulates my studio hours.
I also love to hear the students chanting "Fight, Fight" or "Go for it" etc. while PE class or club activities in the playground. Sometimes their practice starts as early as  eight in the morning; It makes me realize that is also the time me to start working or housekeeping (sometimes)  leaving PC.
Although some artists hate to be tied down to clock, I like this way of working a little more than a little which my new environment affords me.  At least, it prevent me to become lazy.
Sorry for my poor English, as always.(^^)



  1. Perfect English. It's always interesting to adapt to new surroundings, and full of surprises. It sounds like you're adjusting very well. Nice to have your own cheering squad -- "fight, fight! Go for it!"

    Wishing you a happy approach to the new year.

  2. Hi, Annie,

    I am ashamed that my English is broken! but writing blog enforces me to use it. Otherwise I lose it completely.
    It is 7:30 here in Japan, I can hear the cheering voice from the junior high school. How diligent they are!

    Happy holidays for you too!