Monday, May 20, 2013

Organising Prints 版画の整理

Picked up bunch of  my prints from old studio run by my friend while in Osaka.
These are color etchings I created in my 30's; I was worried that they were yellowing or damaged in some way because they were stored for a long time, but surprisingly, they were in perfect condition ! No yellowing, No molds! I assume that it is thanks to the quality of paper I used for printing: BFK Rives!

Sent all of those to my home at Yokohama, then started to reorganize them scattered all over the studio. It was a substantial amount of work; Start with sorting out by images, count them (the number of edition, artist proof and other proofs such as color trial proof), check which ones were sold to whom, which ones remain at my hand or which ones to be sent to gallery, input all the information to my PC, and then finally repackage them carefully with blown paper after wrapped with non acid paper.
Took me for three days!

使用した紙(BFK Rives)が良かったのだと思います。


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