Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Looking for a style

My new challenge of 2013 is to paint ripples of water.
This isn't a easy task, but as many artists have done it successfully, I will try it out anyway.


work in progress

Water has been one of the most interesting painting theme for me, but have never painted so far. So this is my first time to paint water.
So far, it got off OK, but a bit too much of impressionistic taste and color.
Although I like impressionist paintings, I want to create my own style as I did when developing drop painting series.
Sometimes it takes a few years to develop a style, sometimes months. So please warmly watch the growth of this new theme of my painting  :-)

絵画制作のテーマとして、水を描くことに長いこと興味がありましたが、これまで描いたことはありませんでした。今のところまあまあの滑り出しですが、 ちょっと印象主義っぽすぎるかも。


  1. I can see the ripples already. Good luck developing your style!

  2. Hope I will find it soon.. Thank you, Annie!