Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring has come!

Yes, Spring has finally come to my studio.
It was a long winter for those who cannot stand cold like me...
Althogh it is also hay fever season, I feel very refreshing every morning I see cherry blossoms from studio windows.

view from studio: cherry trees in full bloom

I started a new painting. Biggy one; it is 90cm square (36 " square) canvas, so it may not be too big as a painting in general, but it is big enough for me since I have not tried this size for a few years.

I love to do studio work especially in spring and autumn;
With windows opened, I devote myself to paint, listening radio ( I recently listen radio programs from my home town Osaka voluntarily uploaded on internet!), sipping coffee...
It is complete joy of painting! What more could I ask for?
But, I still have a lot of ask for. Hahaha


で、新作を描いています。90センチの正方形。 一般的にそれほど大きいサイズではないのですが、私自身はここ2~3年このサイズを描いていないので、十分に手応えのある大きさです。


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